Regional Qualifier Health & Safety Update

There is a lot of attention being given to the spread of swine flu in Texas. At this point, the CDC is not requiring the postponement or cancellation of public events, so we intend to proceed as normal for the Qualifier.

It is, however, the recommendation of the Region's director that anyone who has been sick in the last 48 hours, or had any symptoms of influenza or swine influenza such as fever, sore throat, vomiting, diarrhea, runny nose and body aches that they contact their doctor immediately. We also suggest that they do not attend the Hell's Half Acre qualifier for safety reasons and the threat of the disease spread in our area. The health department recommends regular hand washing, and hand wash gel will be widely available at the Qualifier.


tuck said...

We are a GO! I repeat everyone, we are a GO for Launch! Hell's Half Acre is a GO for Qualifier!

Lets eat some pig and play ball!


a.maria said...