Gymnastics Cert, Santa Cruz

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CrossFit GSX said...

"Big Bang Theory!"

Have you ever been told the Big Bang Theory? No not that one, the one where Eva T drops an overhead squat on the ground with 45 pound plates on it. Guess who is training her, you guessed it, Gregg Glassman, and thus he is fired from the last globo gym he ever worked at. Thus the CrossFit Universe was born and ushered into our lives forever.

Jim Baker turns and asks the freshly terminated trainer, "Gregg, what are you going to do now?" Gregg doesn't really know. Jim hands him a new credit card with 5,000 dollars credit and tells him to get started figuring it out, and so Gregg and Lauren begin their dream.

I was in CrossFit nirvana this past weekend sitting across from the real heavy weights of CrossFit - Annie Sakamoto, Eva T, Jim Baker, and others in Santa Cruz California. When these folks spoke, I merely listened and learned, and they were kind enough to let me come in and throw out some gymnastic love this weekend.

To top it all off, my friend Andy Thompson owner of CF Hollywood and one of his trainers/actress Maddy Curley (of Gymnastic Movie - Stick It!) came to give me a hand this weekend teaching and demoing. I would pinch myself - but the fear I have now is that I would wake up from this wonderful dream. I am humbled beyond my wildest imaginations and living the dream right now.