Wednesday June 10

Hey bud, let's party: HERE

One Hundred & Fifty Wall Ball Shots


Chuck9902 said...

7:54...nice work from the AM group.

David, way to persevere!

Jason Buzzard said...

I was a little worried seeing Karen this morning after yesterdays WOD. Last time I did it was March 6 with a time of 8:21, this morning 6:40. Hopefully that is a little bit of redemption for yesterday. Thank goodness I have over 24 hours to rest now, my body needs it. Great jobt this morning everyone.

Steven Willis said...

Dang the morning group really set the standard for the rest of the day. Way to go Buzz! 6:40...FAST!!

CrossFit GSX said...

Rockin' times dudes.

ken c said...

whatever happened to mr. hand?

Mo said...

Should be renamed Jello. I have 3 bulky 40lb boxes I need to carry across the hangar and upstairs at work but my legs are arguing with me little brain about it.

Will I ever listen for my time? I should just start averaging. I finished after Chuck (which sucks because I didn't get to watch) and before Dave (which wasn't a bad bootylicious view) and in time for Buzzard to come over and scream at me (which I like - thank you - and for the record I can hear you better when you aren't wearing a shirt.)

Ok you buncha weirdos have a good dang day!

CrossFit GSX said...

Ballers & Shot Callers...What worked, what didn't? Did you break up the shots into 10's or 15's? Did you try and just blast through the whole thing? Maybe just survive and stay with the dude next to you? Did you rest too much or not enough?

Thoughts? Werd.

Jason Buzzard said...

Andy P once told me to be sure to get at least your first 40 straight. I think he heard it from Ken if I am not mistaken. Ever since then I have done that and it has made a huge difference. I try to keep my sets at multiples 10's so that it is easy to add.

You ladies (and some of you guys)should pick Mo's brain, she uses an 18# ball and crushes it. That is nearly the mens weight!

Mo said...

What works - my stubbornness, people screaming at me, and my will to be as cool as you peeps someday - it's good to dream!

What doesn't - my knees/back/left hamstring (but I am trying to remedy this crap), giving up

I've tried the start with 40 thing(because I do listen to you Master Buzzard) but I only get to 20-25 and then I try 10's then I can hang with 5's a while and then I fall to pieces and finish with 3-4's. When I am dying I try to cheat/trick myself (which isn't difficult duh) and I pretend or attempt to use only my legs for one, then only my ghetto booty, then only my upper body...and I pretend that I am resting the other parts when I do this. Sorry you asked? Hmmm yep...I ain't right in the head I know. And I didn't even smoke any pot!!!

No shitto today when I got to 75 for a second I thought..."Only 25 left." Sad sad sad.

M.A. Deavers said...

I continue to be a fan of managing your fatigue, and remembering it won't get any better until it's over (that's what Mo said :> ). 10 x 15 got me to 6:39 in March, but Marc still smoked me. The rest period was long enough to scratch a mark on the wall before starting again. Aiming for 40 straight is too much for me, and I'll try 15 x 10 next time for less rest in the equation. 10's and 15's are easy to wrap your brain around. Resting/stalling will eat your time up quick.

Fight the power,

Anonymous said... all have a lot to say about those wall balls!! I have a new case of "tennis elbow" that prevented me from coming today..oh darn! based on these blogs, i sure am glad I played 3 hours of tennis yesterday!!!
hope to be there tomorrow!


buzzard...i need your email!!

Mo said...

Wallballs Wallballs
I Love Rho
Wallballs Wallballs
This I Know
Wallballs Wallballs
I've never had tennis elbow
Wallballs Wallballs
Because I don't play tennis yo

I bet you look cute in that skirt you lil ho.

Sorry - it's one of those dayz.

I think you can find Buzzard at

Travis said...

This was my first attempt a Karen...8:14. Less rest between sets will improve my time. Dave did a dreat job getting through this WOD.

CrossFit GSX said...

I think I'll stop by the 6pm class to document the love.


Steven Willis said...

DANG IT!! Buzzard beat me... 6:49. You were the fitter human being today, my friend. Way to go every one from the evening class, great effort out of everyone!

Anonymous said... are a nut and a poet...who knew??


castillo74 said...

7:39...I think I prefer the "cooler" 6pm class to the 4:30 skillet! great job to everyone @ the 6pm!

Mo said...

Nut = check! Poet = Uhh well grammatically challenged idiot that sometimes makes silly rhymes.

I really lost it one day and spoofed songs for some of my fellow dragracers...they tried to have me committed. Again.