Tuesday September 22

We all have choices to make. When will you choose to get fit?

Muscle Up Progression Work

Tabata Deadlifts

3x max L-sit Holds


ken c said...

ava will dominate the l-sit hold.

chirodoctx said...

Hey Gang,
For those of you proficient at muscle-ups and would like a new challenge. Try 'em seated. It takes the kip out. Tried 'em today, was humbled, and added this skill to my list of stuff to work on.

Yours In Health,

Vanessa said...

Ugh... Tabata deadlifts are no fun! I totally over did it on the first round.
My repswent something like:

Oh well. I know better what to do next time.

I may have gotten a 8-10 second hold on the l sits. Maybe. Quads were killing me. Trevor says that means my hamstrings are tight. Guess that means that my current program of stretch it when it's killing you isn't quite enough.

castillo74 said...

DL PR 405#
thanks for the hazing Raif

scott said...

Great to work out with the 4:30 crew. Tried to keep up with the big dog weight for the dl's but had to drop to 225# after the first couple of rounds.

Candice said...

Def started off too strong on the DL's. I did 'em with 185lbs and knocked out the first round with 16...then it went down hill from there...6...4...3...and so on and so forth, haha!

ava said...

Dang, Vanessa and Candice! 12 and 16 in the first round? I think I got 5 in the first round with only 155#, then 4's, then 3's and 2's. That was hard!

L-sits 43,40,30, I think.