Friday Jan 30

Power cleans

3, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1


jason buzzard said...

I dont remember what we started out at but the highest weight I got was 183# with terrible form. That is the first time that I have moved that much weight in this move but it is fustrating to have the bad form. I really need to spend some extra time on it.

Chuck and Mo, you two were kicking ass today!!! Great job!

Chuck9902 said...

I didn't go through the mental anguish of keeping track of my weights throughout but my last completed rep was at 215.

Power cleans whip your ass.

Chuck9902 said... last rep was with a 45 and 35# plate on each side so 205 not 215.

Still as ass kickin!

scott said...

Awesome on the weight Chuck! Sharon and Kristin did awesome today as well.

I kept my reps of 1 at 185#. I apparantly have found another lift that needs much work on form.

M.A. Deavers said...



jason buzzard said...

Scott and Mike, awesome job!!! That is a lot of damn pull ups in not a lot of tim Mike.

Anonymous said...

205x1 PR
215f twice
210f caught it and couldn't stand up!

Chris L.

raif said...

did this one on tuesday but started with heavy squats 5x5 ending with 305 then presses 5x5 ending in 177 then did power cleans and got 265 up but missed horribly at 275