Thursday Jan 29 "Beautiful Day"

4 rounds

20 Wall Ball Shots
20 Hollow Rocks
20 Kettlebell Swings


tuck said...

love seeing the hollow rocks boys!


enjoy folks!

Mo said...

Me thinks the hollow rock is residing in my head.


Get well Dave! Good job hackin'. Ha!

scott said...

Hallow rocks were tough. Good wod after being off a day or two....10:50.

Girls wooped up on the guys this morning....good job on the heavier wall balls.

Kristy said...

10:23, much fun.

jason buzzard said...

WOW yall smoked me today, awesome job!!
WOD as rx'd: 2 pood KB, 20lb med ball-12:08

raif said...

that one gave me booty burn (that's what she said)...8:57 with 2 pood. special thanks to Chris Chevro (sp?) who pushed me by doing a simultaneous 8:58. That dude is rocking the cardio for only 3 months in. we ran hills afterwards and he whipped me like a rented mule.
Big, big ups to Deavers for producing such an awesome blogspot. It is a beautiful day!
Mo, you crack me and Ali up! We really enjoy your witty comments. Keep it coming...That's what...ooh