Informal Gathering WOD, 3/21

GSX CrossFit will be closed Thursday through Sunday of this week. Is anyone interested in getting together this Satuday, the 21st, at the AHS track for an informal gathering (black ops) WOD?

Nicole? Murph? Something with no equipment required, other than a measured track and pull-up bars?

Post thoughts, and organize, via comments.

Peace out, yo.


Mo said...

Yes. No. Yes. I don't have many useful thoughts and they certainly aren't organized.

Chuck9902 said...

I should be in and I'll leave it up to the Dr Jekyls to figure the WOD.

CrossFit GSX said...

Be ready for anything. I have to "work" this weekend, and will not be in attendance.

Think minimal or no equipment, and know that the field tends to be in use these days by 9am or 10am on Saturdays.



whisky said...

Chuck, I'm probably gonna hit some local trails with the YETI. That or the local trails will hit me.

Jason Buzzard said...

Griff is a benchmark WOD that requires nothing but the track, and easy on the hands as well.

Chuck9902 said...

Whiskey, let me know when and where and I'll see what I can do.

whisky said...

Ok for anyone interested I'm gonna ride Oak Cliff Nature Preserve Saturday morning around 9am. email me if you want more info. johnwierzowiecki (at) gmail

Current plan is to ride two full laps which would be 16 miles. If there's still gas in the tank the trail works on a loop system. It's like a choose your own path story book. We could also drive the 2 miles to boulder park and ride there as well. Most people call that the ghepic (ghetto epic)