Heat Sick

It started like any other workout, but it would finish very differently.

"Badger", 3 rounds of 30 squat cleans at 95lbs, 30 pull-ups, and an 800m run. Fine, simple enough. A great 'hero' WOD to celebrate the 4th of July, and get back to the routine after a week off. A week spent in a significantly cooler climate, and resting up from six months on the Main Site.

The meet was set for 11am, to allow for some sleep and a little breakfast. We knew Saturday was going to be hot and made our plan to do the squat cleans and pull-ups indoors, while running out the backdoor. Genius.

Got a good warm-up in, set the AC inside down nice and low, and turned the music up loud. Feeling good to be back and moving again, after having not sweated for a week. This was going to be ok.

We finished the first set, and our little group began to pull apart immediately. Damn those 800's were hot. But not that hot...We'd all run worse and this was nothing near Trinity 5000 hot.

The second set started to drag, and sputter, and I started to stare in awe of Ken's 28 minute time on the board. I don't know where I was at that milestone, but it wasn't near finishing.

Marc finished first, Kristy shortly after him, and I stopped the clock at 49 minutes. Couldn't believe it. That's a long time for anything and I felt pretty beat. Felt kinda like I'd just finished a CrossFit workout or something. Nothing special, we've all been there. I'd be fine in 10 minutes, right?

Well not exactly, not today.

We got home and cleaned up, and ate a little bit. In thirty minutes time I started getting a headache. That headache would grow over the next four hours, and stay isolated on the left side of my head. My color, darkened after a week in the CA sun, went pale. Really pale according to Kristy.

Then came the nausea. Hadn't done that in a while, and I just couldn't cool off. Ice packs on my head, AC set to max. Alieve couldn't touch this.

At some point, I fell asleep, and woke feeling somewhat human. Fried, but human. And as the night passed, so did the sickness. Thankfully, this time. Goodbye 4th of July.

I never saw it coming, and never considered stopping the WOD, rather I just wanted it to be over. I guess that's what they all say...

Be careful out there. You know yourself, and your limits. Don't get sick, or worse, like me. Hydrate and time your efforts appropriately. He who passes out first, does not win, and will only be mocked or eulogized. Learn from my mistake, it sucked and I don't want to go through that again.

Take care.


Ali said...

Wow, that is scary! Can you imagine if you were out on the skillet at 4:30pm doing that workout? Chev had an outdoor thermometer on the skillet at 4:30pm one day and it read 124 degrees. Dangerous. Glad you and Kristy are back and you're feeling human again.

CrossFit GSX said...

It was odd. Never really 'that bad' during the event, just soon after. There is a lesson in there somewhere, I just hope it doesn't get lost on me. The week off helped, and hurt, but was totally needed after the last 6 months.

Back at it today, and feeling good.

Maybe I just didn't drink enough wine yesterday.


Chuck9902 said...

Mike D, I know how you feel. I was racing a 8 hour adventure race in a very hot July a couple of years ago and about an hour from the finish I experience some sudden cramps accompanied with uncontrollable vomiting. I didn't feel that bad, or at least I didn't think I did, but I was dehydrated and overheating. The fact that we were clinging to first place didn't help as I had no intentions of stopping which only worsened my condition. We were able to take first but I vomited the entire last 45 minutes of the race and lost 8 pounds in 8 hours. I tried to race the very next weekend and DNF'd due to heat once again. It took a while (months) to fully recover and I still have trouble racing in the heat today.

Lesson? We all like to think we're tough and we can handle the pain, the discomfort...the heat. We all like to push ourselves to the limit or we wouldn't collapse after half our workouts but be smart with the heat. Listen to your body in the heat, most of the time it is trying to tell you something very important.

ken c said...

dude sorry to hear that. on days like that i think the kinks said it best, "one day you're gonna self destruct." but you're saying now you're fit and ready for duty right?!

CrossFit GSX said...

Back at it yesterday for the pushing progressions, and on the rest day today. It was the perfect storm I guess.