Thursday July 2

"LINDA" (3 Bars of Death)

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

1.5x BW Deadlift
BW Bench Press
.75x BW Cleans


ken c said...

if you want your name on the board for this crossfit classic, as rx'd means squat cleans. and fyi, smaller guys are usually faster on this than the big guys. have fun.

Ali said...

Well, Eva was worse than expected. Even heavily scaled (12kg kb and blue band after 1.5 rounds due to rips, but I honestly don't think I could have done all the pu's even if I didn't rip) it was a b*%?h. It's amazing how I still under estimate how hard a wod will be. Thought the run w/b a "rest", oh I was so wrong. Awesome that Castillo joined me, that heavy kb and 90 pu's in 104 temps was crazy!

Travis said...

This was my first time doin Linda as Rx'd...she kicked my !@#. Great job Brandon, and thanks for the spot.

Jason Buzzard said...

Damn squat cleans?! Are you kidding me?! I was really praying for some nice light 123# cleans with no squat in there. That makes it a lot harder. Travis/Brandon, what is your bodyweight and what was your time?

Brandon said...

This one hurts! The DL was the toughest for me, got tired and starting losing my form. Come ready to party for this one! Travis kept me movin, he is a hoss.

scott said...

One of the toughest yet.

Body weight made this even tougher....a little over an hour to complete.

Bench - 195#
DL - 295#
Clean - 145#

We partnered up which made for a little longer time, but the added rest probably saved us. DL's are a killer.

Mo said...

I ran dis moanin' bw. :) Glad I didn't do this sucker...I know the point is to get stronger...but I think a nice week/year long case of dysentery would better my chances when it comes to bw stuff.

I wanna hear y'all numbas too!! Do I weigh more than Travis dammit??!!

Ali said...

Just texted Raif to let him know they had to be squat cleans to qualify for the board. His only reply was, "F that!"

PS - For the record, I'm missing Mike D. big time!

Joe said...

I was looking forward to this WOD for a while. Since I'm spending the entire weekend in Chicago for a bachelor party (woot!), I figured I could use a good ass whoopin. (Un?)fortunately I missed the comment on squat cleans, but otherwise, I finished as rx'd in 1:16:59, w/ BW= 180. A killer. Good thing the only thing I'll be lifting will be some cans of PBR.

Not bad though considering I couldn't do a single 1RM of any of these lifts when I started 9 months ago. Thanks GSX!

Steven Willis said...

steven = nervous

scott said...

Forgot to mention that we did Power not Squat cleans this morning. Not sure I could have finished with the full squat.

Brandon said...

Buzzard, I am around 170, I think Travis is a little lighter. We met in the middle:

DL: 225 (Im weak here)
Bench: 155
Cleans: 125

I believe our time was around 34 minutes. I think we could have been faster, but I was dying on the DL! Should have gone heavier on bench and cleans myself, but never would have finished DL at 255.

Jason Buzzard said...

Linda crushed me! 39:30 as rx'd, really wanted to do a lot better but was happy to finish since last time I did it the weight wasnt rx'd and I didnt finish.

HT-67.5" WT-164#

Squat Clean-125#

Steven killed it today!!!

Steven Willis said...

22:39 as RXd (BW 175)


ken c said...


the first few times i did it i was exactly the same way. about 40 min and scaled. it gets better. used to give me a huge headache too.


way to go man! looks like i got some work to do now.

Steven Willis said...

Thanks guys! It crushed me. That was probably the longest it's ever taken me to recover after a workout. Thanks for your help Jason!