Dec 28, 2009

Where do you go for the holidays?
Did you workout or lounge about?


Mo said...

I lifted mahself off the couch a bit. I did some squats when I peed. I pressed the button on the remote a lot. Ima need the biggest loser program upon my return. Can you haz ChuckII dress up like Jillian and scream at me?

No travel for me. Just visited my relatives in their sheds, trailers, jail cells, etc.

I AM NICE BOB!!!!! I AM!!!!

Candice said...

My husband and I are still on our Michigan/Ohio trip with the family and come back on the 29th. I tried my best to work out here and there, but the added lounging about, good food, and good booze has put a winter coat on me. Can't wait to get back and lean back out with good ol' clean eating! :)

jared said...

Sun shine and 36 holes of golf on Christmas day... not to mention a heck of a lotta booze. Nothing like celebrating the birth of our Lord and savior with bloody marys at 8 am!