Happy New Year!!

Time to: Zone, drop your Fran time, get a pull up, travel...? What is your New Years resolution?

Chris L.


Jason Buzzard said...

My resolution is to read more books. A coworker asked me how many I read last year and I was ashamed of the answer. I am open to suggestions, pictures and small words with big letters are preffered.

Candice said...

My New Year's Resolutions:

1. To be a better wife.

2. To eat more clean.

3. To have fun during sectionals and not freak out.

4. To stop cursing! (c'mon! I know some of you have heard me :/)

5. To take my dog's outside more.

6. And to excel in school!

ken c said...

what's wrong with cursing? poor dogs.

Mo said...

To convince the world that less beer should be in the cups for flipcup and beer pong.