Wednesday December 23

21, 15, 9

Push Press
Sumo Deadlift High Pull
Row (Cal)


Mo said...

Done! Minus the row bacuz they don't gots no rowers and I already freaked them out Monday when I left the treadmill running. So I added some stepmill. :P

Awl I wont fer Christmus iz fer yew boyz tu keap up da gud wurk sos I gotz sexay thangs tu luk at.

I haz been good ish all year.

Steven Willis said...


Raif is a bamf and got 7:11 or something ridiculous. Great job man!

Robert said...

Hey Mo. Be nice to Santa Claus. Did the workout at 4:30 PM as RX in 12:12. I had trouble adjusting to daylight since I am used to 6 AM. Glad to make to the gym after several days away. See you next year. Merry Christmas.