Tuesday December 22

As many rounds as possible in fifteen minutes of:

5 Front Squats
10 Knees to Elbows

Development: Overhead Squats


Travis said...

Great showing for 6am. 11.5 complete as Rx'd

Where were you MO?

castillo74 said...

morning workouts are tough
11.5 rounds rxd

great job Caroline w/ 15 rounds Rxd

Jason Buzzard said...

My goal was to match Caroline but just didnt make it. Figured if I could do a round a minute that wouldnt be too bad. The minute lapped me twice and I ended up with 13 rounds, the knees to elbows were the limiting factor on this.

Mo said...

Umm Travis...I woke up whiney and sore...Mon I had done the w/o at my lil meathead gym (ran on treadmill and haven't run in months), then I did hotmelt asskickin' yoga, and I carried my ex-dishwasher to the curb by meself (which wasn't heavy but I seem to not have long enough arms for that) and it pissed off my arm...got some numbness so well I took yesterday off. How'd ya like all that whinebaggyness? :) I'll do todays improvised at my other gym or go to the 6pm...haven't decided.

I haveta take my rental kiddo to see the Chipmunks as promised.

And I'm sorry I missed you!!!!XO