Feb 15

2 DLs on the minute for 10 minutes
150 Air Squats for time


Candice said...

Is it just me...or is Ava's OHS lop-sided?

Haha! It looks good, I am just f'in with ya! (Def better than my OHS) geez no one better show that!

k_cutrer said...

i would say guys deadlift at about 80% of 1rm. ladies 85%. this one gets tough around set 7 or 8.

ava said...

dang that left shoulder!!

Meredith said...

great pic Ava!!!!
Finally easin my way back into dl's since my back injury.. Today felt really good and I played it smart with the wght!! Awesome job Steve and Scott!!!

raif said...

For posterity and my memory's sake, did Isabel in 2:54. Dl today @ 385 for all 20 and 3:24 on 150 squats.

chirodoctx said...

I, on the other hand did not play it particularly smart today. Back is tight as h*ll right now. Oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained.