Game Day!

To all GSX Competitors,

Be at GSX no later than 10:00am. At this time we will go over the entire day; workouts, standards, scoring, scaling, etc. Directly following will be a 10min warm up for WOD 1 (1 rep max OHS).

Payments will be taken all day. ($10 Cash) T-shirts will be handed out to all competitors next week.

GSX Social will be at 6:30 tomorrow night (Feb 20).

Parents Night Out will be offered to all GSX Members. (6:30pm-10:00pm)


Parker said...

Nothing like a frosti bevy to knock the edge off a trifecta of crossfit. Great job to all and thanks for the great coaching Trev and Candice!

Candice said...

Thanks Parker, you did awesome!...NOW RUN!!! ;) hahaha!

raif said...

OK, here's what I should of said if I wasn't too busy making a drunken ass of myself- Congratulations Jason on kicking my butt. Your hard work is paying off and if I have to lose to someone I'm glad it's to such an all around good dude like you.

ps I'm gonna kick your butt at sectionals so get ready!

castillo74 said...

ava said...

FYI-Ken made it home safe and sound. You should've seen the look on Candice's face when he offered to drive her home!

Jason Buzzard said...

Raif, my goal was to just keep pace with you, I felt if I could do that it would be a good day regardless the outcome. Sectionals will be a lot of fun.