Feb 22

Pull up / OHS Ladder

1 Pull up during the first minute
2 OHS during the second minute
3 Pull ups during the third minute
and so on......

Continue this pattern until you are unable to do that number of pull ups or OHS within the minute.


Brennan said...

Candice, I just read about your neck. Airrosti can definitely help out. If you have questions you can give me a call, 817-470-6684. Hope it is doing better.

Candice said...

Thanks, Brennan. It actually has gotten much better. Steve popped, twisted, and pinched the crap out of it on Sat.

This WOD was fun...
18 OHS/17 pull ups rx'd...stopped going into the 19 pull ups to save the hands.

someone in 4:30 and 6pm better pull 20 and 21 rounds, easy.

raif said...

On minute or round 19 I got 12 pull ups. Also smacked my nose with the bar on ohs dismount. Ohs's take me down twice in 2 days.