Feb 25

For Time:
400m Run
50 Sit ups
400m Run
40 Sit ups
400m Run
30 Sit ups
400m Run
20 Sit ups
400m Run
10 Sit ups

Sub a 400m Row for a 400m Run, if necessary.


Jenny said...

Great workout 6:00am class!

Robert said...

It was a great workout. Jenny, if ever I am in a situation that calls for water rationing, I hope you are there. Wasn't Charlotte showing some endurance after two weeks away from CrossFit. Is the coca plant grown in Chile or Columbia? Gold medal went to Alexis today. I took Silver with a time of 13:37. Good luck to the Cowtown Racers on Saturday.

Alexis said...

I enjoyed working out with the 6am crew! Running in the dark was interesting... Maybe I'll try it again sometime!

Heath said...

If anyone would like to see pictures from my recent vacation to Truk Lagoon & Palau, you can check them out here.


chirodoctx said...

First running workout with the Vibram Five Fingers. They kept me on my toes. I'll see how my feet and legs feel tomorrow. It was fun to see Meredith and Mike in the sibling rivalry throwdown.


jared said...

unrelated to crossfit entirely, but my buddy Ray is a fighter in his own right... Check out the video, buy the album if you like his sound...

much love

Jennifer said...

Just looking out for you Bob! Didn't want you to over do it before all that running!

david.griffin said...

PR'ed Snatch 155#. Thanks to Ken C. and Chris for the motivation and instruction. I am ready looking forward to the 160# mark. o