Feb 23

Push up / Deadlift Ladder

1 Push up during the first minute
2 Deadlift during the second minute
3 Push up during the third minute
and so on......

Continue this pattern until you are unable to do that number of push ups or Deadlifts within the minute.


Chuck9902 said...

After yesterday this was brutal...I could only finish 8 of the DLs in the 14th minute.

chirodoctx said...

Chris is trying to encourage more participation on the blog, so I thought I would throw my hat into the ring. I have recently committed to following the GSX programming strictly. This is the the third week. I'm a little worried about recovery, but I'll take it as it comes. So far, so good. Today DL's snuck up on me. Yesterday it was PU's. Finished 1 rep short of another completed round.

Yours In Health,

Candice said...

21 Push ups/ 19 DL (going on 22) just couldn't get the last few. Nothing left in the low back.

I liked this one a lot.

raif said...

Don't know how many do the whiteboard thing but that could drive traffic away from the blog. I like to post times and comments here and I wish more people would. 21 push ups and 16 dl's on the 22 round.

why are you reading this said...

I am leaving a comment to comment