Feb 24

For Time:
20 Box Jumps
20 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
20 Knees to Elbows
20 Power Cleans
20 Superman
20 Push Jerk
(95# / 65#)


Chuck9902 said...

nice metcon after 2 days of nasty ladders...7:39. 6 am crew knocked it out! Thanks to Candice for leading the way.

Candice said...

Yeah, thanks to the 6am class for bearing with me. I am sicker than a dog and I have def seen better days!

Ken, when you get a chance, I sent you a message on facebook about the "package theives" who stole my birthday gift. Let me know what you think.

chirodoctx said...

Surprised that my back isn't too sore after over 130 DL's yesterday. Was neck and neck with Griff until PP/PJ and then he left me in the dust.


ava said...

That was a good one today! Good to see the 11:30 crew again. 8:04 rx'd. Kudos to Meredith and Alexis for going rx'd!

Mo said...

I jumped on the sumo wrestler and kicked him in the knee with my elbow? Then I cleaned up his blood with my Superman cape after I pushed the jerk in 11:01.

Ok sorry about that...ehh no I'm not.

Just when I thought 6am couldn't get any hotter...ya got Ms Badass in there bossin' the boys around.

Kristen said...

Even though I found out chippers were not my strong suit this weekend, I had a lot of fun in this workout. Great job to all of the high kickin' 11:30 class, especially Alexis and Meredith going RX'd. Nice to see Ava as well. Finished this in 6:02.

Meredith said...

First total rx'd wrkout!!!!! 9:56 I believe.. Great 1130 class today! Awesome job Alexis! You my girl!! Thanks for the kudos Ava, that is nice to hear..

Candice said...

Great job ladies! Wish I would have been there today for that! Keep up the rx'd WOD's now that you have the confidence to do so. Looking to try this one when I am well.

P.S. - the low back is wrecked.

k_cutrer said...


i'll check it tomorrow.