Feb 4

Skill Work:
Forward Roll

3 Rounds of::
400m Run
500m Row
50 Double Unders

 Sub 50 Lunges for the 400m Run if needed.


ChrisChev said...

I am trying to make an effort this year to show up no matter what the workout/lifts, no more cutting class!!

Having said that the one thing I have noticed is that the programming this year has been GREAT.... It's easy to tell how good the programming is by the numbers in the classes...keep up the good and appreciated work!!!!

Robert said...

19:04 with lunges instead of run as it was too rainy at 0600. Everyone was feeling those double unders today.

Jenny said...

That's right Show off Bob, the 6:00am class did awesome on their double unders. I was so excited to finally do like three in a row!

Candice said...

Tested the water with Meredith and Chris today, literally. HOLY CRAP!! is all I have to say about swimming at a race pace. That is def not going to happen if I have it my way on Saturday. A big thank you to Meredith for showing Chris and I how bad at swimming we really were ("were" key word). Just an hour and a half in the pool with them and my swimming went from horendous to tolerable. That woman def knows what the hell she is talking about! :)

Meredith said...

Thanks so much Candice!! I hope I was able to help a little.. It helps tremendously that you and Chris are incredible athletes!! Your form did improve soooo much!! Proud of you and Chris both!! Had a great time 2day and I know you both will do great this weekend!!

Ali said...

Wow- Thank you Parker and Alania for the Girl Scout cookie donation! Our troop is scheduled to welcome home soilders at DFW later this month and we're going to take them cookies. Rachel will deliver 6 boxes on your behalf. Thank you to Steve too, your donation was recorded for overseas delivery. Yeah!

raif said...

I agree with Chev. Great programming! 16:08 on today's wod but rowed at least 120 meters extra due to the rower screen shutting down between rounds. Oh well. Good workout