Registration Now Open!

Dear Affiliates & CrossFit Faithful:

I cannot express to you all, how proud we are to have been selected to host the Regional Qualifiers for our five states... Missouri, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas will be our representative states for which we offer the South West Regional Qualifiers; to be held in our very own "Hell's Half Acre", Fort Worth, Texas.

CrossFit GSX will be ready! We will put on the most professional, most organized, most exciting, and most competitive qualifiers for CrossFit Head Quarters.... and the CrossFit hopefuls. As you explore our registration link and information pages about the event planning for the Southwest Regional Qualifier - please let us know if we need to address anything for you or your participants.

There has been much interest in the way of sponsorship for this event. We are currently seeking sponsorships of multiple levels for participation from Affiliates, members, businesses, and friends of CrossFit. I hope that if your Affiliate desires to be of assistance to our Regional Qualifiers in anyway; that you please let Mike Deavers know by contacting him at - we will take all comers who offer help to ensure that we make this qualifier the best in the nation. Please find the attached information for sponsorships. We are also developing price friendly hotel accommodations for participants and spectators.

GSX will be putting together a list of volunteers who will judge the participants. If you and your box have qualified trainers, coaches, and members who would like to be a part of our staff for the qualifiers please contact Jeff Tucker at We will also be accepting loans for equipment from our Affiliate neighbors and CrossFit family to ensure that we have everything needed for the competition.

GSX will do its utmost to ensure that 2009 CrossFit Qualifiers will develop 5 men and 5 women to qualify for competition for glory and fame at the 2009 Games! I look forward to hearing from you and discussing any points of interest you may have to offer as we prepare.

The registration link is now enabled – Lets roll people!

Best Regards,

Jeff Tucker


Anonymous said...

I am soooo in!!!
What are the dates???
I think the "volunteers" need some type of cute "GSX volunteer" t-shirts! I have a source!
Chuck and ya'll want to wear the "cute" t-shirts??

Anonymous Rhonda

tuck said...

dear anonymous Rhonda~!

you r on the list! mwuah!

Chuck9902 said...

I'll help out anyway I can and I'll wear whatever Rhonda wants.

Happy New Year!

jason buzzard said...

I cant wait!!! Just let me know what and where.