New Year's Eve 2008

Mackey moving 450lbs
Scott @ 365lbs

3 x 5

Dead Lift.

This is one of those deceptive WODs, it looks so simple. Go heavy and don't hold anything back. Simple. Sinister.

There will be no 6pm class today. As a reminder, GSX will close today at 5pm and will re-open Monday the 5th.

Happy New Year.


Chuck9902 said...

Yep, my legs and ass are swollen.

My bird legs gave out right at 300 but I know Newly, Buzzard and their ham hocks knocked out around 365. Nice work boys.

The ladies threw around some weight too!

Have a safe and happy new year everyone.

Mo said...

Simple except for that whole math part. I am going to have to build myself an idiot proof spreadsheet. Sad but true.

Proud of Rho and Laurie for pushing themselves out of their comfy zones today. Yay you!

Happy New Year ya freaks!!! Mike you are free for takeoff now! Party down brotha!

jason buzzard said...

Great to do a strength WOD. I have said it before, you 0600 guys are animals!!!! I was trying to keep up with Newly, everytime we added weight I would think "Lord please let me be able to lift this..." Dont remember what we started with but we ended with a PR. 365 4.63 times, couldnt quite get that last one.

I hope that everyone has a fun and safe evening. See yall next year.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words were something with the dead hero!!
I lifted over my body weight today which is a first...the most I've ever done!!! Thanks Mo & Josh for the advice & encouragement!
Jason, nice to see you @ 6:00...kind of nice to check it off the list huh???
Happy New Year to you all...I'm gonna miss you over the next few weeks, but will be checking the blog to see all that I am missing.
Anonymous Rhonda

CrossFit GSX said...

Try again, Mo

david.griffin said...

I thought GSX was closed. The sign on the door said closed until Jan. 3. Dang it. I've been doing WOD's at the park on University Dr. They have some steep levees. Anyways, now that I know GSX isn't closed I will be back.

jason buzzard said...

Mo, when math gets hard for me, I just take my shoes off so I can count higher. Give it a try, it may work for ya.

Look at you Scott and Mike!!! Way to go!!