Tuesday Dec 09

Ken C. in the box

7 rounds

10 Burpees
5 Dead Lifts
5 Press


M.A. Deavers said...

See you guys at 1630.

Davo said...

Is anyone going to the Barbell cert this weekend in Wichita Falls? I know we have some people going, so carpooling may be an option.

Dave (CF Denton County)

scott said...

Rx'd dl 205# and press 95#...14:08. Tough wod with the burpees.

scott said...

I forgot to mention Sharon and Kristin....you guys smoked it today. Great job!

M.A. Deavers said...

Ugly. 205lb/95lb with Buzzard. Good match, and good working with that dude. Strict presses got rough, but we didn't transition to push-press. Small victories.

k.stewart said...

Thanks Scott. Back at you.


jason buzzard said...

WOD as rx'd: 205#DL-95#press,to be honest I really dont remember the time. 12 or 14 or something with a one in front of it. Was a bit nervous about being paired with Mike, didnt want to hold him up on his work out, because of that I had to really push the red line. Great work out today!! Cant wait for tomorrow.