Tues Jan 13

4 rounds

500m Row
25 Squats
25 Sit-Ups


scott said...

Good wod. It has been awhile since my last row...as rx'd..14:50.

Awesome job on the tine and weight yesterday Jason.

david.griffin said...

It was nice to use the new outside facility. Mr. Tucker did an amazing job. Todays WOD 9min...something seconds. We subbed a 500m run for the row due to class size. Its nice to see the class sizes growing.

Looking foward to all the upcoming events.

jason buzzard said...

It was like a field trip today, we went outside and did a run in lieu of rowing. WOD as rx'd 9:28. Was trying to beat David but we finished at the same damn time.

Thanks Scott.

raif said...

did the row version in 14:04