Monday Mar 23

150 Wall Ball Shots
10 Pull-Ups for each break, pause, rest

You went to light on the Med Ball if you finished one this straight through. Choose wisely.


Chuck9902 said...

Nice Monday morning WOD...12:20 with 20# med ball and 50-60 pull ups I think. Knocked out 60 to start but it was all downhill from there! Tough trying to catch Buzzard and stay just ahead of Scott.

CrossFit GSX said...

Monday, March 23rd

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scott said...

Good wod to start the week.

Finished behind Chuch and Buzzard at around 13:20. Ended up with 7 rnds for pullups...I think.

Mo said...

18#, 15:53

Is it possible I did 150 pull ups too? :)

I was doing the jello wobble walk afterwards fo sho.

Jason Buzzard said...

I think for today I was 7 seconds ahead of Chuck. Fun one this morning.

Saturday was good, did Griff and just tried to keep up with Jason. I think I did it in around 12:35.

Sunday was the first soccer game of the season and for some odd reason I just didnt seem to get tired and my recovery time was next to nothing after sprints.

Shawn P said...

Nice to be sweating again. Bulging discs are no fun.25,20,20,20,20,15,15,15. Didn't hear my time over my heartbeat and breathing.

Ali said...

Oh noooo, it took me 5 days to recover from the last wall ball/pull up workout.

Mo - cool pic. It almost killed me trying to keep up with you that day (5K# overhead)! Your morning times really push me in the evening. Thanks.

JBalls (Jason C. aka El Scorcho #2) said...

This one looksl like it is going to be interesting. I am thinking about how many times I had to stop during the Filthy 50 Wall Ball Shots and it is not looking pretty.

I might have to to do it late tonight at my wife's gym. It is much more "Fru Fru" than GSX so let's hope I don't get anyone throwing water bottles at me.

I did Griff with Buzzard and Steve on Saturday. I have never run backwards for 400m at a time before. Let's just say I was feeling it.Finished right around 11:36.

Tim said...

Good Gawd that Mo be not only fit but Eff - Eye- En -EEEE FINE!!!
Glad your stubborn ego gave into my recommendations to go Crossfit and quit wastin that motivation where you was ---
Way to lead by example Mo!!!!!!
Sweat looks incredible on you!

Anonymous said...

Walked in talking some smack thinking I could do this without a bunch of pull ups. 18# ball and MANY pull ups later; I have a ringin' in my ears and eatin' crow for dinner! Tough one after a week off.

raif said...

Opted for Karen instead then concentrated pull ups after. After 2 days rest from a disapointing Helen on friday (9:10) pr'd Karen with a 6:03. Have had spaghetti legs since. 50-30-20-10-10-30-fall-out,

raif said...

Holy Crap! Mo, Sharon, Amy 18lbs huh? You guys really went for it! Hats off!

JBalls (Jason C. aka El Scorcho #2) said...

14:15 (20# ball) with 6 rounds of pullups. I dropped the ball with only 4 left so that last set of pullups was a heartbreaker.