Monday Mar 9

A delightful combination of two or more of the following:

100 ft Broad Jump
Knees to elbows


CrossFit GSX said...

Where's Chuck? Great to see Robb again, nice work Tom.

Jason Buzzard said...

Tom killed it today. This one was really good. Had 19 for the first round and 21 for the second. I think my time was 12 something, really not sure. Was just trying to get good jumps so that the others wouldnt be as bad.

Ken, how did it go this weekend?

Chuck9902 said...

Chuck is still recovering from a 10 hour race on Saturday. These old legs need a couple of days! I will be ready to go Wednesday.

Nice WOD today.

scott said...

Really tried for some long jumps. 18 first round 20 second. 10:08.

Ali said...

Aaaah, loved this WOD. This is why Crossfit never gets old. Loved the tabata squats and 400m run dessert. Thanks GSX!

ava said...

you are a sick girl, ali!!!