Wednesday Mar 11

6PM Class
Double Unders
Great to hang with the 4:30 & 6PM Crew

Double Unders
Box jumps


Chuck9902 said...

well "super chuck" must have a jump rope as kryptonite...15:00 today... embarrassing.

Jason Buzzard said...

WOD-10:10. Scott you really pushed me today, thanks for that. Looked over after I was done and Rhonda was killing the DU's!! Great job this morning everyone!

Anonymous said... was tough..three cheers for the three muskateers at the end of the workout. i'm glad i'm not the teacher's pet! way to go scott, jason & newley!!!! impressive.

scott said...

Tough one...10:50. Started fast, but the box jumps caught up with me the last two rounds. Great job on time Jason...Rhonda is looking great on the du's.

Mo said...

10:?? after Buzzard fo sho. First set of both was sucky then I managed to get on a du roll.

Deavers lookin' hot in his tight shirt and sexy booty jeans was distracting me.

JBalls (Jason C. aka El Scorcho #2) said...

Scott, Jason, and Rhonda were absolutely hammering away at the double unders. Great job. I still have a ways to go regarding those so I was forced to try and make up some time on the box jumps. Finished in around 13:45.

Huge crowd this morning, we ran out of functioning jump ropes.

Way to go three musketeers at the end. Glad I wasn't chosen.

raif said...

Quickly, who was the third Musketeer? No googling!

Chris L. said...

7:24 Chris L.
7:34 Trevor

Fun one!

CrossFit GSX said...

Great work by all. Good to see you guys at 4:30 and 6.