From Tucker...

Captured in this scenic tranquil run is Amanda Barelli, of Seattle, a trainer at NWCrossFit. The photograph reminded me of a saying that I have used all my life. "It's not where you've been, but rather where you are going that matters."

So, where are you going, what are you chasing, how will you get there? Whether you crawl, walk, run, or drag yourself to the ultimate goal at the end of your choosing, simply committing yourself to that purposeful first step is all important. The next part of your journey will fall into place as the trail ahead of you opens itself to the twists and turns of daily life. We find out so much about ourselves once we commit to that all important first step, a defining moment indeed; an important moment of self discovery.

Choose that first step, push yourself, no matter what the goal is that you set keep moving forward; don't let the list of excuses rob you of a desired and deserved sweet victory at the end of your race. And once you complete that first goal, it is time to set another. All of us will get plenty of rest and sleep in the afterlife, so keep moving forward.
As ole Granddaddy Lee Roy Tucker used say, “it ain’t where you been, it’s where yur going that counts”.


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