WOD, 05/21/09 "Bang & Blame"

Mostly Sunny
Don't Blame Me
40 Kb swings
20 pull-ups
32 kb swings
16 pull-ups
24 kb swings
12 pull-ups
16 kb swings
8 pull-ups
8 kb swings
4 pull-ups


Steven said...

14:36 w/ 2 pood kb swings... not enough 1.5 pood kbs... haha totally sucked but GREAT workout!

Nice to meet everyone at the 8:30 class! See y'all tomorrow!

CrossFit GSX said...

Josh is bringing sexy back.

david.griffin said...

14:02.....get there early and lay claim to a 1.5 pood or less. This one completely shredded my hands, nothing says Crossfit like bleeding during a workout.

I also managed to hold a decent handstand for a couple of seconds.

CrossFit GSX said...

Keep up the solid work, David!

Travis said...

I have come to the realization that I no longer need skin on my hands...it just comes off!lol. Tough WOD...time of 12:50 something w/1.5 pood. Not ready to tackle 2 pood yet.

Anonymous said...

dave....great handstand! this was hard..sure was hot outside!! hope to see the 6:00am crew in the morning...have had a hard time getting out of bed this week!
great to workout with the 8:30 group!


ChrisChev said...

The weather is starting to get hot outside on the "Skillet" at the 4.30 class...14 even...everyone did a good job on this workout which was toughest on the hands