Monday May 18

7 rounds

50 Walking Lunges
20 Pull-Ups
20 Push-Ups


Jason Buzzard said...

I think my time was 28 something. I had to do the last 2 sets of pull ups by my finger tips due to a tear. Think that I figured out how to kip, thank god. Great job this morning everyone!

Chuck9902 said...

Nasty one for sure...350 lunges, 140 pull ups and 140 push ups! Ouch and done in 30:41.

I couldn't keep up with Buzzard or Wes today!

david.griffin said...

So it's going to be another one of those weeks. You can't walk or use your arms.

Travis said...

Missed you guys this morning...recovering from my trip to Orlando. Looks look like one hell of a WOD. I will see yall on wed.

raif said...

That looked brutal! Can't wait to get back to being able to do classes. Did do the the main site wod today with 215 on bench. Time was 24:0something. It was surprisingly cardio intensive.