Hell's Half Acre, Final Results

The CrossFit Games Southwest Regional Qualifier Final Results:

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dpcslam said...

Mr. Tucker and Tracy,

Thank you so much for having us at your facility. You and your team ran a truly well-organized, positive, fair and heartfelt event. Jason, Kristen, and the team behind the counter were so outgoing and encouraging. The judges were consistent and honest in critiquing me. I came to GSX not knowing anyone and left with a lot more than a plaque. Special thank you to Adrian who cheered for me, Tucker for being the first one to say Hello when I was lost, and Tracy for taking my glamor shot and being so sweet.



tuck said...


Come pull up on us any time. You are such a wonderful sport and I so enjoyed getting to know and meet you. Everyone just thought you were such a living doll. See you in Cali.

Much Love,