Qualifier Winners


Carey Kepler, Pollyanna Bobseine, Crystal McReynolds, Lindsey Smith, Nikki Hall


Dutch Lowy, Breck Berry, Lance Cantu, Vic Zachary, Jason Boag


Bill said...

Wow! Way to dominate, CrossFit Central! Impressive. Congrats to everyone on the field and behind the scenes.

Anonymous said...

YEAH POLLY!! See you in Aromas!

With love from all your friends at RCF!

Hollis said...

Congrats Dutch

Anonymous said...

Awesome weekend!! I had so much fun - great experience.
Thank you.
Best of luck in Aromas.

-Anthony Mungioli

Anonymous said...

I had such a great time just spectating this weekend! Amazing athletes all around. Truly inspiring :-)