Wednesday July 22

8 rounds

10 Kettlebell Swings
200m Sandbag Sprint

Reminder, Saturday's workout will be off-site at Trinity Park!


Chuck9902 said...

More legs...14:02 with 7 rds @ 1.5 pood and 1 rd @ 1 pood...looking forward to a rest day tomorrow.

Mo said...


Have I pledged my undying love to the 6am'ers lately? Much love peeps.

Hump day!!!

My humps
My humps
My humps

Robert said...

12:36 or so using the 16KG Kettle Bells...maybe the lunges with 45lbs did me some good on Monday. More kettle bell next time for sure.
Looking forward to tomorrow and then planning on running Trinity 5000 tomorrow night. Cheers to all and Mo and her Lady Humps. -Bob

david.griffin said...

This looks like a great WOD to bad I missed it. A rest day is what I needed fo' sho'. Have fun.

Congratulations to you and your
family Robert. A true blessing

Mo said...

Run fast Bob! I've done a couple of those Trinity 5000 runs before. I gotsta go play softball poorly tomorrow night but I'll get my arse up in the am and do a little plod.

Anonymous said...

Great workout..not too hot outside either, nice break in the heat!

I may get to the point where I don't like pinto beans if I have to keep running around with them on my back!


Jason Buzzard said...

30 MU today with Ken, 8 and some change. Not a PR and 4 misses, sure can't beat an opportunity to do them though. About 30 minutes later did Annie, 6:05. PR by 5 seconds with 2 misses on the DU's.

Ali said...

Mo - Great time!

Running with those beans was tough; kept hoping my bag would get a hole. Coming off the 16KG KB's left little power in my arms to hold the bag. Not having my arms to use while running was tough too. Basically, don't count on me to carry you a mile to safety. 14:48.

Mo said...

Well Ali I am not sure if it is my weakness for boys or my soft kind heart but I gave up my 16kb to one of them for a 12 b/c there were lots of boys...I shoulda just made 'em share I suppose :)

Musta been my heart 'cause he was wearin' a shirt.

I plodded 3 this am and two snails passed me giggling.