Sunday Fun Day

Buzzard, In Deep
This just in: A group of us are heading out to Tim Love's New Love Shack at So. 7, for the Lamb Burger Cookoff! 3 to 6 pm, come join us!


CrossFit GSX said...

AMRAP, 3 to 6 PM

Lamb burgers, for time. Think I got 7.5, with 4 skewers and some beer(s).

Neck and neck with Top Chef Buzzard.

Mike D.

Chuck9902 said...

WOW... lost count but I know I will be heading down to Grace soon! Great burgers and good times!

BTW..That picture I'm taking turned out great!

Jason Buzzard said...

It was all damn good food with damn good people!

Ali said...

OK, what are you taking pic's of? Was this a burger eating contest? I'm confused... Looks like fun though.

Chuck9902 said...

We were taking pics of the Top Chef contestants during a cook off. There were 7 or so great chefs there cooking up sliders of their own signature lamb burger creations which we call sampled throughout the event. Definitely good times and that new Love Shack will be seeing much more of us I'm sure!

tuck said...

it was a bikini contest Ali!