Monday September 28


150 Wall Ball Shots for time


JBalls (Jason C. aka El Scorcho #2) said...

Really guys!? Like I didn't get enough Wallball shots in while trying to dent up the Luke's Locker van on Saturday!

Oh well, bring it on.

ken c said...


you're right. you can do thrusters.

Parker said...

Huh? I am with scorchy.

castillo74 said...

you didn't have to break the lock trying to break in last nite just to get out of the wall wall balls for morning classes...
damn it

JBalls (Jason C. aka El Scorcho #2) said...

Note to self: No bitching around Ken.

What is all this break in talk about?

ChrisChev said...


Shouldn't I be running at some point?

Cass, are you going to be there this afternoon, I will bring the dog crate.


CrossFit GSX said...

GhettoFit, son. This is how we livin', in the ghetto.

They must have been looking for Jason's special sauce. Or the key to the cryptic messages.



CAttaway said...

I'll try to locate a helmet & facemask before 6.

Parker said...

Thanks for the encouragement Ken.