Wednesday September 30

3x3 Power Clean

3 rounds for time of:

7 Push Jerk
21 Pull-Ups


Travis said...

BW 150#
Power cleans 175# PR

9:54 as Rx'd for the WOD

Charles said...

Some awesome Power Clean PRs this morning. Killer work on everyone getting through that WOD with heavier weight than they wanted. Let's keep this trend up.

Vanessa said...

After a false start (note to self: do not try to pushjerk without shoes) I did the wod.

As rxd: 10:33

Dwight said...

Hey GSXers!

Dwight here. We need two more girls for our softball game tonight. If your interested, please email me at

The game is at 745. Our team is made up of GSX people and some other people. We just like to drink and play softball. No talent required as we dont have any. Please let me know ASAP if your interested

scott said...

Cleans @ 195#.

Wod rxd at 7:12.

11:30 class has been thin. If you are close enough during lunch you should come by.

M.A. Deavers said...


Round 1, 2:35
Round 2, 2:34
Round 3, 2:35

7:44, PR

Candice said...

WOW! 7:44 on Helen?! Awesome, Mike!

8:21 as Rx'd for the WOD. Push jerk's suck by the way.

scott said...

Mike that is an awesome time for Helen. Great job!!

ken c said...

as rx'd 4:24. big raif beat me.


amazing consistency on the rounds. congrats.

Parker said...

Thanks for the help Ken!

raif said...

Sweet! Rainmakers shut down Hitless and I beat Ken on a wod all in one day! 4:14 as rx'd with Jared right on my heels. Great job Jason M. in center with two heroic running catches! Ali also came through with a big catch and rbi single! I'm not sure but I think Hitless may have been undefeated going in to this one. Rainmakers win 7 to 6!!!!

raif said...

The problem with the "Let Me In" reference is that Kurt Cobain and or Jesus was/were sympathetic characters.

CAttaway said...

115# on the power cleans.
9:02 as rx'd.
Thanks for the thumb tape, Ken. I'll have to remember that next time. And if I'd checked the Wed. wod in time, I might not have done all those pullups on the monkey bars last night at the middle school fb game. Actually, I probably still would have.

Jason Buzzard said...

185# power cleans

Finished WOD just behind Cas, I really dont remember what the time was.

jared said...

got smoked by Raif, AGAIN... 4:57 as Rx'd

Huge Victory last night for the Rainmakers!!! Chris L. pumped up the team spirit when he slid head first into third base, and then went on to score the winning run!!!