Friday October 30

0830 Crew
Prototype "NoFingers". $75, incl. tax. Run & fight like the wind!
Bench Press 3-2-2-1-1-1 reps
Max Strict Pull Ups
Back Squat 3-2-2-1-1-1 reps
Max Kipping Pull Ups


Chuck9902 said...

Yuck...I haven't bench pressed since starting Crossfit almost 18 months ago and it showed! 12 strict pull ups and 265# back squats.

Travis said...

#215 10 #275 50

Weak after bench, strict PU sucked.
Chasing 100 KP...1/2 way there. Hands started to rip, had to stop.:(

Parker said...

Bench Press? What is that? Those benches in the box don't look too heavy. Just not sure what we are suppose to do with them.

Robert said...

205 Bench, 8 strict pull ups, 235 squats, 10 kips. I thought this was max squats, but was at 255 last month. Just the luck of the draw but haven't done back squats lately. Thanks for the tips Chuck.

Candice said...

125# bench
13 strict pull ups
175# BS (jumped to 190# for a pr...not today)
20 kipping pull ups

stayed after to work on my OHS
*pr 100# (flexibility still does not exist in my shoulders :( tho)

ava said...

OMG Candice! you are wicked strong! I hate you! Not really, I'm way jealous though! :)

CrossFit GSX said...

"NoFingers" from Prestige Worldwide (a ChuckMike Company).

Proudly made in Texas, US of A!

$75, including all taxes!

Eco friendly!

Run/Fight/Lift like a tiger/monster/unicorn!

scott said...

255# bench (pr)
10 strict pull ups
315# back squat (pr) (attempted 325# but failed)
26 kipping pull ups (pr)

11:30 class was awesome today...big rob back in action, Alfredo benched 365#, and the ladies did a great job.

Emily said...

95 lbs bench, 10 strict PU w band :(, 185lbs BS - new PR!! And 25 kipping PU that was a pr too - Candice that's an awesome bench and OHS! The 1130 crew was a lot of fun!

castillo74 said...

Good job 4:30 class!!! Great strength day.

245# bp
10 strict p/u, new pr
355# pr
20 kipping p/u new pr

really disappointed in my bp today but considering PR'd on others, I'll take it.