Monday October 26



AMRAP for 20 min:

5 Pull-Ups
10 Push-Ups
15 Squats

Use your energy wisely on this one, it's easy to go out hard in the first 5 minutes and lose it all. Be patient, be smart, and better your last. Smooth and steady wins the race. Cheers.

The next GSX Social will be held Saturday, November 7th at 6:30 PM.

Post your Christmas wishes to 'comments'.


CrossFit GSX said...

Never seen that one before.

Jerod said...

I don't even make it home, and my face is already up on the board. (you can show my eyes, if you want).
All that pain for only 16 rounds.

Charles said...

Wes, you left your jacket.
Ransom, you left your shirt.

The abandon articles of clothing are on the counter next to the ice machine.

My Christmas wishes.... How much time do you all have to read?

ken c said...

laser vision. i want laser vision for christmas.

scott said...

16 rnds + 3 pu's. Disappointed since last time with Cindy completed 19 rnds. Some days it’s all about just showing up and completing the wod.

Great to see Big Rob again. Hope you do well on the Firefighters exam and pt testing!

Vanessa said...

What would I like for Christmas? Hmmmm.... one meeeeeeellion dollars. Or maybe a shopping spree at North Park Mall. Either one. Oh, and world peace and all that stuff too. :)

Travis said...

Jerod, can you say "Super Kip"!!

WOD 19 +5 & 5...great way to start the week. Glad to be back!

Chris L. said...

"Jason" 11:00 PR

Great "Cindy" scores today!
Bob and Ali really want everyone to know their scores so they posted it in permanent marker on the board!!

stefanie said...

Christmas wish: titanium knees..

Robert said...

You hit your stinkin head on the ceiling while doing pull ups. We need your eyes covered up for our protection. I don't want to look in your eyes for fear of having my own eyes burned out of my skull with you probable X Ray vision. What's next, are you going to throw a kettlebell through the wall?

Jason Buzzard said...

22 rounds, PR. Already starting to get sore and it has only been about 12 hours since the work out.

CrossFit GSX said...

Nice work Jason

scott said...

Great job on Cindy Buzzard!

Jason Buzzard said...

Thanks Scott. Mike is so far ahead on this one it is going to take some time to be able to get close. Talking strategy with Ken before helped a lot.