Q & A

Q: Sometimes my comments don't get published. Why is that? Have I been 'censored' or do you not love me anymore?

A: Regrets. You, most likely, haven't been 'censored'. Most of the comments are published through an iPhone and the buttons are really, really close together. Thus, wrong buttons get pushed regularly. Once a post is gone, it's freaking gone. The Que is checked VERY often, though alas it isn't in real time. No blood, no foul.

Peace out,



jared said...

Mike- thanks for being a BAMF and taking the bull by the horns

tuck said...

agreed jared... mike is doing a great job and a thankless one.

also some comments dont get posted because they are not comments at all... they are just random BS and mean spirited BS sent by internet tuff guys without real names and faces... and those guys can go blow goats!

keep up the good work Mike,

tucker - out!