Thursday November 5

4 rounds for time of:

400m Run
10 Pistols (each leg)

3 x 12 GHD Sit-Ups

Development : Pistols


ChrisChev said...

You have the gymnastics background, so you should be able to do what the guy in the video on the CF Endurance site is doing today. Let me know when you have the routine down.

Jerod said...

12:25, with balance assist on the Pistols.

castillo74 said...

Chev, that sh*t aint right!!!

ChrisChev said...

The best part is it looks like they just got some old mats out of the gym and guessed where he was going to hit on that one off the building!!!! He can Bo & Luke Duke into that car in about 2 seconds.

Travis said...

JOSH...5:51, first attempt at this WOD.

ken c said...

today's wod as rx'd 10:03.

tried to get it under 10 but came up a little short.

travis: nice work on josh. looks like another one i need to do over again.

raif said...

Now I know what I will dream of tonight. Would love to see the blooper reel too though.