Friday November 6

1 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1

Deadlift & Box Jumps for height

Please join us for our free Saturday CrossFit class tomorrow at 9 AM, and stick around to encourage those members participating in our advanced WOD.


Steven Willis said...

dude that is sweet!

Travis said...

335# DL ,
48" Box Jump. Very comical this morning!

Candice said...

Got my first muscle up today! And it wasn't a fluke, haha! I did 'em more than once to be sure and ended up getting two consecutively so I am absolutely ecstatic! Thanks Chris for all of your help! I think anyone can easily get them using the exercises you filled me in if anybody wants help...I will def try!

PR* 300# DL
BJ 37"

Today's 1130 was awesome! PR's galore! Great job everyone!

Robert said...

Freed from the requirements of math, thank you Chuck, hit my new PR on deadlift of 295#.

Kristen R said...

It was definitly PR day today for the 11:30 class. Congrats to Candice for hitting an outstanding 300# dl today and Scott rocked it too, although I'm not sure his final amount. Had fun with Alexis and our box jumps. Ended up getting 215#/41". Glad Chuck finally got to experience our "special" class finally!

Meredith said...

you are FREAKING AWESOME!! Congrats on the muscle ups!!!! Great job this mrnin 0830 crew, Robert and Kelle on your PR's!!

BJ 36"

scott said...

405# dl (pr)
44in box jump. Attempted 48in but ended up on my backside.

Great work at the 11:30 class. I think everyone hit a dl pr and Candice nailed her muscle up!

CrossFit GSX said...

Great numbers guys, very proud of you all! Congrats on the PRs.

Chris L. said...

Awesome work everyone....ill try to represent us down here in San Antonio!!