Wednesday November 4

1 Rep Max Power Clean

5 rounds for time of:

5 Handstand Push-Ups
10 Pull-Ups
15 Box Jumps


Charles said...

Freaking awesome 0600 class. Thanks for being flexible and working around the equipment limitations. Great effort.

Candice said...


I would double check with Chris since he was right there with me, but I'm pretty sure I timed you at 5:34 on your Annie yesterday and not 5:38. Every second counts :)

castillo74 said...

I think you're right about Buzz's time

M.A. Deavers said...

370lb DL, a 20 lb PR. Thanks to Chuck B, Meredith, and NoFingers. Cool to have them there. Mad props. Kristy said it was the shorts.

Oh, and Meredith said "sh*t the bed!" so I think that is a good thing too.


Jason Buzzard said...

Candice/Cas, I wrote the time on the board. Maybe I am wrong with what it was, either way I am pretty happy with it. Last PR on that was 6:10 so improvement anywhere is welcome.

Mike, huge PR!

Candice said...

Awesome job Mike!!

Dunno what I got on this WOD. 9 something?

One abmat for the HSPU and skipped out on the pull ups due to ripping and did false grip pull ups instead. (rings to chest)

PR OHS-120 lbs
PR Power Clean-140 lbs

Fun 1130 class today!

M.A. Deavers said...

Thanks Jason, I was shocked but just felt like I could keep going today.

New goals: 400 DL, 5 min. mile, and getting my 51 pull-ups closer to the 100 mark.

Talk to me this time next year...

scott said...

Great dl pr Mike...and Jason on the annie pr.

11:30 class was really strong today. Candice nailed a ohs and power clean pr and Kristin with a 40+ pr on her clean.

Power clean 215#. Had to use the new patented "no pee pee" stance to get it up though.

The wod was 10:35, but had to use 1 ab mat on the last couple rounds of hspu's.

Meredith said...

Great job again Mike!! you killed it and yes i did say "sh*t the bed" cuz lifting that much weight is exactly what would most likely happen to me!!! lol... Great job Buzz!! as well.. Candice, if reincarnation is real, i want to come back with you strength!! Can't wait to set PR's myself.. In time..

Ali said...

Mike - Congratulations on your PR’s. 51 straight pu’s is CRAZY. I think we need to have a pull up party when you go for the 100! Sorry for interrupting your class last night, it’s so fun to see everyone (Liz you are looking GOOD) I miss, I get carried away. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the social… Ps - Is it wrong that I LOVE Meredith's qoute during your DL??? Wish I were there for that!

Brennan said...

Congrats on the PR Mike. When is the social?

CrossFit GSX said...

Thanks, Bro. 630 PM, this Saturday.

raif said...

Nice one Mike! Keep the night light on inside of the birdhouse in your soul.

Great job by Buzzard on the wod. Beat me by 9 seconds. Mine was 6:12.

raif said...

PS great Canadian costume Vanessa! What was Chuck? And speaking of Chuck, veery impressive Isabel and Grace times holmes.

ken c said...

clean and jerk: 245 pr
clean deadlifts 3x3: 305
front squats 4x2: 265

today's metcon: 5:57

felt good for 3 rounds. lost a lot of steam on the box jumps in 4 and 5.

Chris L. said...


Great job on the power cleans today!!

Jason Buzzard said...

205# PC, 6:03 WOD. Just cant seem to catch Chris or Ken.

Emily said...

7:21 on this wod w 2 ab mats :/ nice job mike!