'Lumberjack 20' @ GSX

Candice on one of many 400's
Ken during the Box Jumps
Jason Buzzard during the Dead Lifts
Ryan finishing up strong


Candice said...

25:31 and thrashed! Couldn't catch Ken today...even with a shorter run than him b/c I cut through the cars and he took the road less traveled. Got him to puke tho!! HA! HA! Where is that picture??

OHS still need a lot of work, but at least I was able to power snatch them up today...great job to everyone and thanks for the support from everyone who watched!

david.griffin said...

When I arrived at GSX this morning I honestly did not believe I would be able finish this workout. I've enjoyed my week off of work a bit too much.

However with the support of everybody there I was able to push through.

Thanks to each of you.

Let us not forget the reason we completed this workout.

chirodoctx said...

Great job everyone on this tough Hero WOD. The victims and their families are in my thoughts and prayers today.

ken c said...

25:26 with candice and chiro steve right on my heels. which did in fact make me puke...A LOT! felt really good after that. candice, i'm sure at least one of the picsa of that will surface on here shortly.

great job everyone who took this one on. too much running but i guess its good for us.

Travis said...

I wish I could of been with you all today. It is my Drill weekend with the Army. Mission first . I am planning on doing this WOD next week to honor the soldiers slain.