Jan 20

3 Rounds of:
3 Strict Pull ups
6 Kipping Pull ups
9 Chest to Bar Pull ups
1 Min Rest


15 Min AMRAP of:
5 Snatch Grip Deadlift
5 Power Snatch


k_cutrer said...

the goal on the pull up complex is to do them unbroken (i.e. don't come off the bar until all 15 pull ups are done.) if you can't that's fine just get back on the bar quickly.

Parker said...

So that typo in the middle should be "or" not "then" right?

Ali said...

**Warning - Shameless sales pitch**

It's Girl Scout Cookie Time! I know it's against everything Crossfit, but Rachel is selling Girl Scout cookies. Delicious Thin Mint, Carmel Delight, Peanut Butter Patties & Sandwhich, Shortbread, we have them all. Take a box home to the family, you'll be a hit! See Rachel, me or Raiford (He's our best sales person - we sell more when he's on the bull horn waving in traffic). $3.50/box. You know you want some...

And to burn those calories, I did 7rds of 10 dips, 10 pullups, and 15 burpees yesterday. Almost killed me.

Jason Buzzard said...

Ali, that is like having shots lined up outside of an AA meeting and it's wrong! (which class will you or Raif be at?)

Candice said...

Mmmm! Cookies!

Today my gas tank was on empty...did horrible on the WOD with 8 rounds rx'd. Tomorrow's rest day is much needed!

Ali said...

Jason- It's evil I know but, I'll be at the Saturday 9am class and I'll have Rachel there to sell. I gotta say, Girl Scout cookies are worth the calories!

raif said...

Yep, gas tank was definitely low today but that's not an excuse. Castillo got out to a lead and I couldn't catch him. I think I did nine rounds. Did the pullup complex pretty well though but only got to 4 chest to bars on the last round.

Then did half the football rowing wod so 5 min rowing and 4 off. 1614 meters.

tomorrow rest

Parker said...

Discovered something call and "IT Band" today. Knees are toast and as of tonight the foam roller has several new names in our house.

Saw some good workouts as I had plenty of time to watch.

Candice said...

Haha! Just for saying that... Raif, for the next few WOD's I challenge you to go above the Rx'd weight by 20-30lbs while doing two-a-days...then u can say there is no excuse for poor performance! I am spent!

raif said...

err..I can see how that looked directed at you after re reading it, but I was really just not trying to take away from Cass's sounding defeat of me. ps (I suck at overhead squats and snatch (two more excuses)) Sorry Cass and Candice.