Jan 22

Are you a member of the "Hole in the Wall Gang?"
Claim your fame!


3 sets of:
Max Handstand Push Ups

3x21 Hip Ext.

Saturday 10 A.M. WOD:
"Tommy V"
21 Thrusters (115#)
12 Rope Climb 15'
15 Thrusters
9 Rope Climb
9 Thrusters
6 Rope Climb


chirodoctx said...

Any preview on the Saturday 1000 workout?

CrossFit GSX said...

Only a few spots left for this saturdays body fat % testings. Sign up in the gym or send me an email.


margarita said...

I claim hole #1

Mo said...

I witnessed one happen but it wuzzant me.

I saw Buzzard on the how fat% are ya list...hope you gots some big calipers. Me? I already know mines cuz I haz a mirror. :P I said, "Mirror Mirror" and it interrupted me and said, "Shut up stupid and go to the gym."

word verification: moreshirtlesspicturesofchriswillbringaboutworldpeace

Jason Buzzard said...

Thanks Mo! Just because of that I will be doing 3 work outs tomorrow and really would like someone to chase.If anyone is interested let me know. I will be happy to share girl scout cookies after.

Mo said...

Love ya Buzz!!! Hope you find someone to chase...I'm "running" in da moanin' and then painting my househelper friends house. I owe I owe so off to paint I go.


Emily said...

Girl scout cookies?!?! I want girl scout cookies!! If anyone has kids selling, bring them to me!

Parker said...

My damage isn't pictured, so I confess nothing.

tuck said...

i'd repair the damned things... but you guys would just make more holes... welcome to crossfit!

i like this post! keep up the good job Chris!