Jan 18

"The Chief"
5 Rounds of:
3 min AMRAP
3 Power Cleans (135#/95#)
6 Push ups
9 Squats

1 min rest between rounds.


3 Attempts of:
Max L-Sit Hold


k_cutrer said...

this is a good one. each of the 5 rounds is 3 min. long and you amrap the triplet. so 3 min. on and 1 min. off for 5 rounds. your score is rounds COMPLETED (not any of this partial stuff).

Mo said...

So my house helper friend that I owe a million favors to calls me Fri and says he needs me Sat. I'm there yo with bells on...and say, "I know I shouldn't say this but I've kind of missed a full days manual labor of ass kickin' home improvement stuff." 7 hours of laying ceramic tile...OUCH!!! I don't take it back but it hurts.

3,3,3,3, and 4 today - scaled. Glad I got up and did it even tho I was movin' like a mummy.

Mo said...

Ok I quit GSX until ya impliment hula hoops. Read in the paper today the Hoop Shack opened...yep hula hoop fitness. I'm going to drink massive amounts of Mona Vie Acai berry magic juice and get my hula hoop on!!

Brennan said...

THis is 3 clean 6 pu and 9 squats then rest 1 min. and do this 5 times. Correct?

Candice said...

Wow! Who is that sexy girl in the picture?

Did this one at 115lbs.

Fun but harsh.

castillo74 said...

tough but good one!
23 complete rounds

Candice said...

Ohhhh, completed rounds...my bad:

4/4/4/4/3 Completed rounds for "The Chief."

4 Hours Later:
Don't do "JT" after this WOD...ever...not fun.

15:03 Rx'd

raif said...

Tougher than I expected. 25 rounds completed. 6/5/5/4/5 Then did the football rowing wod and it was tough too. At about three rounds in I realized it wasn't twenty minutes of rowing but 10 on and 9 off so I had to really step up my pace to make 3000 meters. Had to row 320 in the last minute to get there but ended up with 3007 meters.

chirodoctx said...

Fit is sexy!

ava said...

there are hula hoops in the gymnastic room. Have you just been missing all the hula hoop wod's? You should see Ken...he's a freak at hoopin'!!


Chuck9902 said...

brutal...just brutal...4/3/4/3/2 as RX'D

Parker said...

Them fellas only have to hang on to a cow for 8 seconds, what the heck is wrong with an 8 second L-sit?

Mo said...

Wha!!??? I've been robbed of the hula hoop wod? I'm never in the loop. D'oh! That was bad.

CAttaway said...

Unfortunately, I think all the hula hoops in the gym are child-sized, i.e. itty bitty. With hula hoops (etc), bigger is better.

tuck said...

parker! a cow weighs roughly about 1500 pounds. they were hard to hold on to! l-sits cant gore you with horns either!

but still 8 seconds is a nice hold.