Suffer on Saturday!

Join us for our Free Crossfit Class at 9:00 A.M. every Saturday! Followed by our (members only) Rx'd Class at 10:00 A.M.

10AM Workout will be:
3 rounds of:
30 Wall Ball
30 Hang Squat Snatch


Candice said...

If anyone is looking for a WOD for this weekend, you may wanna give this one a try. It's a CF Football WOD (my first on my own) and it('s) awesome/sucks! (I recommend this to the big guys bcuz it would be interesting to hear what your results are).

*Row as many meters as possible in one minute.
*Rest one minute.

*Repeat this for a total of 20 minutes (10 min work/10 min rest).

The goal is to get 3,000 meters at the end of the 19th minute. For every 5 meters you fall short, you have a penalty of 1 HSPU.

My results: 2,639 meters (and I tried so hard to make 300 meters each minute, but just couldn't)! The penalty: 72 HSPU!! But I did them RX'd..gonna kick myself tomorrow! Give it a try!! :)

Ryan said...

Yep did this one the other day Candice and ended up with 2,801 meters total. Had the damper set at 6 but not sure if that was the best setting for me...but yes your right it was pretty bad. Of course ended up with 40 hspu afterwards which was no fun either. But, I got them done and was relieved it was over with! ha

k_cutrer said...

geez candice! women wouldn't have had to hit 3000 meters. rowing for meters is hugely dependent on size. good work though.

if you ever want to measure relative output, take your average watts and divide it by bodyweight. if you're over 2 then you're kicking ass.

Candice said...

Haha, Ryan I forgot you've been doing your own WOD's, but good job on this one! It was rough!

Ken, I dunno what it was for girls...I just know that I was haulin' a$$ and it still wasn't enough! I will do what you recommend with the relative output info.

Today's Rx'd class: 19:46 above the recommended weight for wall balls which was 14lbs.

Did it with 18's and after last nights rowing/hspu WOD, I am exhausted! Good job to everyone!

CrossFit GSX said...

Legs are blasted today!

raif said...

I think my time was 12:35 or 38. Again getting more comfortable with snatches. Thanks to Steve and Chris for coaching me up.

chirodoctx said...

I am going to take full credit for your success when you win the Games!


chirodoctx said...

I went ahead and did the rowing WOD. I finished with 3061 meters. Did some HSPUs afterward anyway. Thanks for the suggestion.