Jan 15

Weighted Pull-up



Chuck9902 said...

nice and out of shape pic...25# pull ups and 105# presses

Mo said...

Chuck you know how much I love/lust you. You know I'd jump in front of a slow moving bus that had good brakes in order to save you...you know I think you are the shizzle.

But that pic of you is gay. I told you boys there will be NO SHORT SHORTS DAY!!!

Why do I suddenly feel that Raif is on his way to find the shortest shorts of all time?

Oh and I was a sloth today
bodyweighted pull ups
65 press

Go Cowboys!

Ali said...

Chuck -Those shorts bring back memories of my high school baseball coach. Rocking the 80's. Ps all the girls loved him so it's a good thing (sort of).

Chuck9902 said...

I can explain...really. Those are long shorts that slid up my legs to appear much shorter! But Raif in some shorts that are really that short would definitely be entertaining!

Travis said...

Chuck, I think we should have a short short day just for MO. She's probly trying to use reverse psychology to get us to wear them.

1 pood weighted pullup 5x5x5
115# shoulder press 5x5x5

170# shoulder press, 1 rep max...New PR

Candice said...

Mo! You are gonna convince me to start getting my butt outta bed early just to get a good laugh in! Hilarious!

*PR 3RM Strict Weighted Pull Ups: 39.75lbs

*PR 5RM Press: 90lbs (my 1RM is 90...wth?!)

*5 RM Strict Weighted Pull Ups: 38.5lbs

k_cutrer said...

definitely reverse psychology. mo wants the guys to do a wod in boxer briefs.

Chuck9902 said...

Travis, I see "Way Too Short Shorts" Wednesdays coming soon to join "Board Shorts" Fridays just for Mo!

Mo said...

Yeah that's what it is. Reverse psychology..hell just wear some spandex leotards why don't ya? Fine!!! I'm coming in blindfolded or drunk on Wed's then.

Candice...I'm really just a village idiot. Def not worth a 6am wake up...tho I do like seeing your skillz so come in and inspire/awe me anytime. :)