Jan 12


Alfredo 515lb Deadlift during his "CFT"
KB Swing
Box Jump
Pull up


stefanie said...

greatest use of duct tape i've ever seen...

Chuck9902 said...

gonna be a while before the gas tank is full again...14:18

Robert said...

Chuck, as you round into Alpha Male form, isn't it awesome to work out with the beautiful ladies at 0600? I mean, it was a 4 to 1 ratio. The early bird, fellas. BTW, is Jared back in town?
As for this workout, man it is great to be back. I had the Rhabdo lung but feel better now. Jackie was the Alpha Woman today. I finished 1.5 burpees behind her with a 14:08 or something. It is tough to remember the time with my rhabdo lung in full force.

Roberto said...

16:48, RXd. Slow and steady...wants to puke for the first time ever halfway through the second round. Recommended.

david.griffin said...

Did this WOD at the station this morning. Subbed the 21-15-9 pull-ups for 7-5-3 muscle ups.

What was the recommended Poodage?

No, that it is not a word I just made it up.

I used 35 lbs. dumbell though it felt kind of light.

ava said...

this was a bit of a gasser. 11:09 with 3/4 pd (25 lbs).

Candice said...

8:43 Rx'd

For sure felt pukie coming on the 15 box jumps...not fun!

raif said...

8:32 using 55 lb dumbell. All the "poodages" were taken. Was really sucking wind but was happy with my ability to keep going. Also did 50 straight du's which is a pr by almost 20. Had planned on doing some extra stuff after but the wod pretty darn taxing

Meredith said...

I feel ya on the pukie Candice!!
Good one tho!!
11:35.. Great job 8:30!!!

Parker said...

Proper Poodage was scarce and after the lower back workout yesterday, it was a good thing. 1 poo is all I needed to doo.

Milestone - I actually thought that it was a possibility that I might puke during the workout. This feeling usually occurs on the way home. Why the window is always down.

Bad dizzy after 15 burpees. 11:32

chirodoctx said...

You just had to beat me. Nice job!