Spring Break CrossFit Schedule

Although GSX will be closed for most of our programs, we will still be running CrossFit classes with the following modified schedule:

6:00am - Monday through Friday
8:30am - No classes this week
11:30am - Monday, Wednesday, Friday
4:30pm - No classes this week
6:00pm - Monday through Friday
No open gym during the week

Safe travels to anyone leaving town for vacation and for those staying in town, we do hope to see you at a few classes this week!


Steven Willis said...
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Brennan said...

3-15-10 WOD Max set of 3 Front Squat then 10 min dumbbell snatch. FS-225, 108 reps with 45# dumbbell. Low back started locking at 5 min and had to really pace as to not get full blown low back spasm.
Congrats to all who competed this weekend and a special congrats to all who made it to Regionals. Awesome job guys.

Daniel said...

For anyone who is interested the Monday WOD is 3RM Front Squat then 10 Minutes Max Reps Dumbbell Snatches. Thank you to Chuck for burdening the training role so we don't all get lazy over Spring Break.

CrossFit GSX said...

at a boy chuck! keep em working... what the hell is spring break?